International Scientific Literature
devoted to PRP treatment of knee arthritis

You will find in this bibliography the list of the main international publications on PRP therapy in degenerative (arthritis) injuries of the knee.
These articles from international scientific journals are in English. They allowed me to be “up to date”, as a result of knowing what was best in the world for the care of arthrosis knees medically today.

This bibliography is constantly updated.

In practice, it brings together in a non-exhaustive manner all that is essential to know in the field to any doctor, rheumatologist, sports doctor or orthopedic surgeon interested in this activity.

Thus, by the analysis of this literature listed in this bibliography and by the collaboration of Professor Guy Magalon (plastic and reconstructive surgery), and Doctor Jérémy Magalon (service of the Cell Culture and Therapy Unit of the ‘Conception Hospital’, PRP injection protocols for knee arthritis have been established and implemented at the Mediterranean Institute of Regenerative Medicine.

Cellules Souches Bibliographie
Docteur Jérémy MAGALON
Bibliographie Cellules souches
Professeur Guy MAGALON
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